Create good, healthy habits to add more happiness to your life.

Here are 7 actions for 7 days which can be repeated again next week.   Then create your won 7 actions lift your mood.

  1. practice good gossip: spread positive stories about people in your life
  2. practice optimism: if your thoughts are negative change them to positive ones
  3. practice taking care of you: just say no to a request when or if  your plate is full
  4. practice forgiveness: forgive yourself or forgive someone else
  5. build your self-esteem:  if someone gives you a compliment or makes a positive comment say thank you for saying that
  6. spread humor: pay attention, or look for, a humorous story or joke and tell someone
  7. practice resilience, just when you are ready to give up on something take the next step



About Rita DeLongchamp

Retired teacher. Experience in French, FI, FSL, English, Esl, Social Studies, Elementary, Junior High, Mentoring, Student teachers, Teacher Leader Lifelong learner Learning about internet, marketing, health, nutrition, fitness, Seniors, Alzheimer, personal development, arthritis
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